MasterLab NIRS Concept

The MasterLab NIR concept is the full service for NIR users. Currently over 200 users in 40 countries in the feed business (feedproducers, rawmaterial traders, full integrators) are connected to the MasterLab NIR database. Anually the users scan over a million samples and use this data to assure or improve the quality of their products.

The NIR concept offers the accredited calibrations that are being created with samples retrieved globally, this gives us the possibility to create calibrations with a big natural variety and high accuracy.

Foto NIR

Besides the use of the calibrations the NIR concept offers the users to send outlying samples to MasterLab to improve the quality locally for the user and globally for all users.

Outlying samples can occur for several reasons, but are not automatically contributing to the quality of the database.Every sample that is added to the database is first checked by our microscopic team, to ensure that the sample is strengthening the calibration.

Managing over 200 instruments all over the world, the MasterLab NIR team is the preferred specialist to help you with all NIR related questions or advice.

For additional questions please contact the MasterLab NIRS team